Here’s just one of the adorable flowergirls from this past season-what do you think, should I do a whole series?  They have some of the funniest expressions and always look adorable!



And another gorgeous photo of the blushing bride Allie, because who can resist?!


Andrea and Dan’s Up North Wedding // PREVIEW

To say that Andrea and Dan had the perfect, intimate Up North wedding is an understatement.

Not only was the weather PERFECTION, but these two have the most wonderful family supporting them-and a beautiful location to boot!

Andrea and Dan spent all summer reviving the cottage they purchased Up North to transform it into the spectacular place it is. There were a lot of bumps along the way but in the end, it all worked out. They said their vows beneath the tree just behind their cottage on the lake, a place that will always hold special meaning for them throughout the years to come.

I’ll be sharing more from their wedding soon but enjoy this tiny glimpse into their magical fall lake side wedding.

Andrea and Dan Happy Couple Up North Wedding

The Magic of Sawyer

There is something magical about being a part of a couple’s wedding day and then being able to follow their journey as a family into parenthood.  It absolutely delights me and fills me with joy to be a part of such important milestones. To say I’m honored is an understatement-I am truly humbled by the trust my amazing couples give me not only on their wedding day but after!

You might remember Ashley and Adam’s wedding at Greystone just a couple of years back and here they are celebrating their firstborn son Sawyer’s first birthday! Crazy how fast time flies!

Sawyer is absolutely adorable but what I love most is the love I see not only between Ashley + Adam, but the immense love they share for their son. It is remarkable and reminds me of all the good that there is in this world.  I’m so grateful to have witnessed their extraordinary love for him.

Saywer Turns 1 Sawyer turns 1

My boring, blah closet

Is your wardrobe as tired and worn out as mine?  I swear, I’ve developed a uniform lately and my closet feels so uninspired!  So much so, I’ve definitely be avoiding going out as much as possible. And avoiding being in front of the camera more than usual.

Getting dressed definitely doesn’t bring me joy-it’s more of a “what is the least painful option” kind of event.  I don’t know about you, but I’m so ready to change that! I’d much rather walk out the door feeling great and ready to take on the world!

Instead, this is pretty much what I look like every.single.day. (Yup, still hiding!)

changing my style for the better

Seriously. Maxi skirt+weather appropriate top. Maybe a scarf now that the weather is turning. Earrings if I remember. This is me, today.

I’d rather look like this, even if I do have a home office:

All of this makes me REALLY excited that I was handpicked to preview Hilary Rushford’s “Style and Styleability”. Having a sneak peek at what’s ahead, I have already learned a few new things that are changing my style for the better.

I’d love for you to get in on these awesome style tips (how have I never heard these before?!), it’s totally free, and Hilary is absolutely adorable!

Even if you’re waaaaay more stylish than me, I think you’ll pick up a thing or two because Hilary is just THAT awesome. She has impeccable style and is one of those people that it’s a delight to learn from.

Come on, we’ll do this together and it will be AWESOME!!!!!!! Really really. :*

Let’s change our wardrobes without buying a new one and feel stylish every day. Hilary says “effortlessly chic” and I definitely want in on that!

Plus I know what we learn will absolutely help you dress your best for your upcoming session-so let’s do this!

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2014 Portrait Mini Sessions

Shelby + Troy’s intimate home wedding // sneak peek //

Words can’t describe how honored I am that Shelby + Troy invited me to be a part of their wedding day.  A truly intimate event with around 25 of their closest friends and family surrounding them. As they took their vows in their home, her father did a beautiful reading from an early 1900’s marriage sermon, written by his grandfather (I believe!).  Troy’s father sang Amazing Grace to a rapt audience as his voice filled the room.  Even sweeter, her brother performed the ceremony, making their vows not just legal but cherished.  Truly a lovely, intimate, wedding.

Here’s just a tiny peek into our time together, in their charming home:

bride and groom in their home on their wedding day

Being a part of such a heartfelt day reminded me deeply of why I love weddings. Truth be told, these smaller, thoughtful, weddings are my favorite.  Why? Because it’s all about being surrounded by love and becoming husband and wife. It’s not about the size of the party or all the details in the end, but that they’re married.

Did they have beautiful details? Absolutely! And you know how much I adore the details ;-) But I love that they were there to set the tone of the event, a supporting character if you will, rather than the main event. So truly lovely!

There’s a special place in my heart for these little weddings overflowing with love.  If I’m honest, I also really love that I get to be a more of a guest and fully immerse myself in the wedding.  It’s a really special experience as a photographer.

I have to say, I have the best clients.  By and large, regardless of the size of the wedding party or guest list, the weddings I have the honor of photographing are ALWAYS overflowing with love and joy.  What better accessory for a bride to wear? ;-)

All of this love makes my job the best in the world!