Homemade Pasta!

This month the food styling and photography challenge from The Inspired Plate was pasta!

While I live a mostly gluten free life, my husband doesn’t as much so I decided to make pasta from scratch.

What I discovered is that it is incredibly easy and I can’t understand why I never did it before!

My mum graciously loaned me her grandmother’s pasta maker straight from Italy and it worked like a charm! Such a beautiful piece and it still looks brand new.

I’m off in St Louis for our awesome friends Erin and Jared this weekend so I only have a few photos to share. Keep an eye on the blog though; I will be sharing more photos along with the recipe for not only the pasta (which was AMAZING!) but the fantastic sauce as well!

The red sauces I’ve done in the past were complete flops so I was over the moon with delight when this one was gobble worthy. Seriously, I was eating the sauce alone with a spoon!!

Without further adieu, I give you a peek into my pasta making adventure. Oh-I did also make a batch of gluten free pasta but that’s a story for another day!

Enjoy the photos and then head over to Carey’s blog to see her awesomeness! (link below photos)

See the wonderful food stylings of the lovely Carey Pace | Kingsport TN Food Photographer


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    Lovely!! That pasta looks so scrumptious right now…even at 9:15 AM!!! I’ve never made fresh, homemade pasta noodles. I must try this soon. Kudos on your domestic-ness!! :) Perfect shots too!

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    *sigh* fresh pasta Jennifer!!!! I have never made it. Everything looks delicious, including the eggs! You did an amazing job – I want to dig in right now, too!

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    Breathtaking, Jennifer! We need to talk settings for that last shot. It is fantastic. I love the egg shot at the beginning, too. Brown eggs make me so happy. You make the whole pasta process look so romantic.

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    That is the most GORGEOUS image of eggs!!
    I’m so jealous that you had time to photograph your homemade pasta. I make such a mess when I make homemade.. that I really need an assistant to take the photo’s.. or knead the flours. I am always in awe of you Jennifer.. and consider myself a student of yours. :) I am so thankful for you being a part of our team. I wish you lived a few cities.. ok, a few states closer!! You have amazing talent friend!! xoxo

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    I have never made pasta from scratch and you have my interest piqued. I’m eager to see what more you have to share about the recipe and process.
    That shot with the eggs is simply spectacular as well as are the other two. Absolutely beautiful!

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    ab. so. lute. ly. delicious. I’m drooling all over my keyboard. I’ve never managed to attempt made from scratch pasta either!!! But you are definitely encouraging me to give it a go. LOVE your light. Love your compositions. Love your styling. Love your processing. That clean, clear, cool light. I don’t know how to describe it, but you rock it. Way to go, Jen. : )


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